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HTC HD2 updates…

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A while ago I noticed that there was a new ROM image available on the HTC site and wondered if it would fix the irritating bug in the text message software (switch to the punctuation page of the keyboard before accepting the spelling of the previous word and go back to the beginning of the post). Ended up with a good opportunity to try it recently as, apparently after putting a – in a phone number in an Outlook contact and sync’ing I ended up with a useless phone!

Oddly though when I went back to the HTC site to download it, it wasn’t there any more. Managed to find it at XDA-Developers though and sure enough, the bug is gone. Also loaded up version 2 of Cookies Home Tab to re-instate the extra calendar entries on the home page, extra quick links and all the other Cookie goodness. Took the opportunity to install the free upgrade to the latest version of Sygic Mobile Maps as well – a far better product with better support than TomTom. End result seems to be a more stable platform overall – don’t recall hawving to restart the phone since I did the upgrade.

Other than that, life with the HD2 is pretty good on the whole. Thinking about playing with a copy of Android on the SD card at some stage but not just now…


Written by thesoapster

June 27, 2011 at 12:21 pm

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